Jean VOGUET Composer

Composer of Acousmatic Geophonies & Heterotopias

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Having been a futuristic bruitism, atypical composer of acousmatic & electronic music, Jean VOGUET has always focused on how his works are presented in each environmental context.

The concept « Acousmatic Geophonies & Heterotopias » comes from his research « sound spaces of otherness », which means the virtual ecosystem in complex structures (the sound materials created by sound synthesis, not originating from organic sound). It is also characterised by grand and variable spectral frequencies, in initiatory musical wandering, outside of time and outside the border, within the unlimited and temporary dimension. Many of his compositions such as « l’Odyssée », « instants sonores », « Jeux & Variations MiDi » have been induced by his obsession with the great myths of humanity and poetic nature of human-beings.

In addition to performing in various events of acousmatic music, he has been taken to perform in live electronic performances, concerts with aircrafts and tractors, multidisciplinary events and festivals internationally. Not only compositions, he has also extensively created site-specific works. His regular collaborations with artists from other disciplines include works with visual arts, dance, poetry, performance art.

His works have been presented in Japan, China, Korea, Russia, Poland, Canada, USA, Mexico, Israel, Cameroon, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Spain, England, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, and France.

He is the director of the CRANE lab • Research Center • for heterotopia, arts, ethics of art and regeneration since 1995.

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