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Hey, I am OTI. I am from Ukraine w/ Hungarian descent! (ofc)

I am creating: The VideoStone (avaliable in YouTube and Odysee (mainly in hungarian)) - travel, tech, introductions, videoblogs, storytime and any (variable videos) AcidBerry.Net (mainly in Hungarian, but i would create blogs in English) ZorinOS fork (an Ubuntu based OS with addition softwares for anyone) - coming soon

I want discover & impart knowledge, places and any things, because I am very curiously very well for almost all things.

I am learning in IT sector, but i have difficulty for them e.g: i want to go internships and other to enter to this sector. Interest to cryptocurrencies and blockchain development, investing to them and research about the economics.

I have some plans of futures, e.g: development an new brand technologies, creating amazing contents and presents something about the world very well and developement myself to do anything anywhere, because I want to being independently and handsome person :)

If you want support with crypto:

***: Yes and disabling this is unavaliable (and others e.g: dependent to another ones and unstable future (e.g.) because of them)

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