Disgraça is a Lisbon based anti-authoritarian social center.

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As we reach 5 years of blood, sweat and joy, it's time to look back not just to cheer, but to think of how and what we can do better. As free as we want us and Disgraça to be, we're still vassals to the rent, still conditioned to the amount of time & energy stolen by our modern urban lives.

Normally Disgraça keeps the lights on with the canteen but given the current pandemic, times are tougher. Right now to keep everyone safe we can’t do any concerts and we can only fit half the number of people into the canteen. Of course landlords being landlords we’re still paying all the rent, including bills like electricity and water. In an effort to build a more sustainable space, we've decided to share this r€$ponsibility with everyone that uses, visits and somewhat cares about Disgraça.

If you don't have any idea what we're all about, keep on reading.

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About the space

Disgraça is an anti-authoritarian, horizontally organized, DIY social centre located on Rua Penha de França in Lisbon which has been running since 2015. For a lot of people Disgraça is a place to come to boogie down and hear their favorite bands and enjoy delicious vegan meals but at Disgraça there is much more going on! It’s a place for building community, mutual aid and organizing diverse struggles, from the broader anti-fascist fight to the local housing crises. It’s a space where you can just hangout or you can get involved. A place to be used as a tool and to create bonds in the long fight against the status-quo, authoritarianism, Capital and the State, while challenging racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism or any vertical animal nonsense that gets in the way.

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Disgraça has four floors of fun with loads of different spaces and forever unfinished projects.

Up top there’s Tortuga, the anarchist bookshop, which also has T-shirts and music plus a free food shop. Below there is the Freeshop, BOESG library and a screenprinting workshop available for all sorts of stuff.

Then there is the canteen; where all the black magic happens. World famous in Lisbon, the 100% plant based food at Disgraça is considered by just so many to be one of the best in town and is without a doubt one of the cheapest (because it’s donation ;) ). The secret? Well, there are no well kept secrets here except that anyone is welcome to share their tasty skills and learn new ones.

Show up. We'll hand you a knife.

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A variety of radical films and documentaries are shown in the cinema room or dining space where also benefit events are held to support local and international causes.

Down below is the concert space where along with some great DIY international names many acts have had their first gig. At Disgraça all gigs have sliding scale prices, all the money goes to the bands' traveling costs, and like the rest of the space it’s open to all ages. Along with the concert space there’s also a rehearsal room & recording studio available to DIY and lesser known groups and artists. Right next to it we have our own workshop where we do all sorts of crafty stuff and we're also in the midst of building a gym open for the community, for self defense training and other activities.

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We'll keep you updated on the projects were working on or have realized in the monthly newsletter. We are always working on new ideas and Disgraça is always open to proposals for projects, benefits, workshops, events or concerts. If you have one, hit us up and show up in our biweekly meetings.

Thanks for your support!


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