Developer to Manager

Developer to Manager is a platform for software developers who plan to move to management

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Developer to Manager is a knowledge & career platform for software developers who plan to move to engineering management.

We talk to managers at different stages of their careers, working in different industries at companies of different sizes, and try to get a sense of how it was like for them to switch from a developer role to a managerial role.

In each interview, we talk about their background, the story of their transition, which pitfalls to avoid, their advice on how to do this successfully, and a lot more.

The core motivation behind doing all this is to have a set of free and open resources for developers who are either considering making this jump, or who are new to the job and could use some advice.

So far we have managers from companies big and small, including Slack, LinkedIn, Trivago, Mozilla, and a few more, sharing their knowledge on the site, and we're adding new interviews every month.

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