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Support my exploration of Editorial With Git as I keep tech in check with original, rural critique.

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I'm David Blue and I am not a software developer. Though I do fairly regularly author and distribute various tool-adjacent configurations you may find of value, I am fundamentally not a builder, though I am relentlessly compelled to seek out spaces like GitHub where builders congregate around the context of work.

Similar limitations of mine have been allowed to prevent me from being all that great of a fixer, either, in terms of methodically discovering and remedying obstructions. The late, pseudo-monastic theme of my life in the past year has been a resolute about-face in my behavioral and emotional reaction to detail as an abstract - I have earned or been granted (perhaps both) a drastically different sentiment toward the most minute avenues of Software History: I have found solace in this theoretical binary plane we have constructed.

My highest priority right now is learning how to "leverage" my personal growth in a way which produces value for other people.

I have formally decided to shoulder the burden of thoroughly documenting the stories, peculiarities, and most technical details of using a Bluetooth keyboard with an iPhone, but I am determined to do so as collaboratively as possible. I have also been documenting various other processes specific to iPhone (read: doing free labor for the most valuable company in the history of the world) which I hope to compile throughout the rest of the year into entertaining, thoughtful, and helpful essays/guides on

Perhaps the most intriguing (or off-putting) endeavor of mine specific to GitHub has been publicly learning how to "write in public" using Git for version/revision tracking. I have discovered I was less original in this concept than I thought, but frankly, this process which I have begun to describe as ==Editorial Git== cannot be thoroughly explored within the context of academia.

You can find an outline of how I've learned to use GitHub for virtually my entire process in the README of The Psalms' Repository. Perhaps more importantly, said repository functions as a live virtually up-to-the-minute document of my work.

On the subject of transparency, you are welcome to contact me in virtually any medium you wish. This Notion Database functions as a directory of every one of my public-facing accounts throughout the Web. I have opted-in to GitHub Sponsors partially to explore it for the sake of a potential written analysis of Open Web Patronage Services, but also to express in a designed way that I am available to you (here to help) in any manner I can and if you feel compelled to reciprocate any value I may have added to your existence with $$$, that, too, will be public, and you will have the option of specifying how it's spent, if you wish. (See: Extratone's "GOD" Patreon Tier.)

However, it'd take a lot of cash to equate to the value I'd receive I'd receive from you leaving a voicemail telling the story of the first time you saw somebody using a Bluetooth keyboard with their phone in the wild. :)

Here's my personal phone number: +1 (573) 823-4380

Thank you again for your hospitality.

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Documentation for The Psalms - my blog about software’s intersection with culture. Not just for the website - for the entire process (correspondence, notetaking, drafting, *revising*, editorializing, promoting, discussing, and even reflecting.)

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All of my iOS/iPhone-related documentation, files, media, etc.


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