Linux Fedora COPR repo, Continuous Integration, FEM (Calculix) and other small stuff

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I work on FreeCAD for the fun of it. Having mechanical engineering background and commercial CAD experience allows me to see how good is FreeCAD :-) And where are the problems :-) My main work for FreeCAD is: COPR fedora repo with nightly builds: Continuous Integration: used to be Travis-CI, but now gitlab-CI: I love colorful images showing material stress, deformation, etc (yeah, mechanical engineering...), so I maintain script allowing to build CalculiX , the easy way: I also do shot FreeCAD videos:

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FreeCAD Favorilere eklemeler 2 7 ay önce güncellendi

This is a a fork of the official mirror (for now...) of the FreeCAD project, currently synced manually by Yorik. Please check for issues and pull requests

FreeCAD build script Favorilere eklemeler 0 4 yıl önce güncellendi

CalculiX build script Favorilere eklemeler 0 4 yıl önce güncellendi

Build script for CalculiX ccx on fedora and ubuntu from scratch

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mirror of the FreeCAD git master branch. Clone this one if you want to start FreeCAD development!


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