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Supporting sustainable solutions and nature protection in the Estonian Countryside

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Eikellegimaa is a not-for-profit organisation based in the southern Estonian countryside. Our events and workshops promote a more sustainable living and stronger community.

The forest is our setting and chief educator. We are an Estonian/Australian couple, who have exhausted our saving by purchasing 11 hectares of forest away from a destructive forestry company about to fell a protected river valley in southern Estonia.
We are currently living onsite as we regenerate the heavily grazed and tractor-damaged areas by conversion into a 1 hectare educational food forest and garden.

We are still holding community events, seminars, workshops and working bees/talguds outside or under homemade tents whilst we repair the old farmhouse and barn onsite. We are working hard with the occasional help of volunteers to create a productive and adventurous space for present and future generations to use as a self-resilient, educational open farm!

We focus on:  * growing, foraging and cooking delicious responsible food  * creating resilient food forest landscapes   * eco-building creative spaces  * supporting and expanding existing ecosystems rather than further damaging them. * connecting people and skill-sharing  * encouraging therapeutic experiences in nature  * living with a stronger connection to our environment, recognising our mutual needs.  * attempting to maintain some online content on youTube and instagram Our location is a (peaceful and beautiful) barrier to many, so we would like to share our failures and excitements with all!

We do not pay ourselves, and we would like to continue offering our workshops, seminars and events at no charge. Any donations we receive will be gratefully used for our public events and developing our public spaces, specifically the food forest at present.

Why we doing what we do?

The future Estonia and world needs great examples of diverse, climate adaptive  food production ecosystems. It needs examples of collective spaces where the knowledge and skills of all benefit all. It needs reduced consumption, and increased understanding of our natural environment. It needs simple, cheap, free local, easy, DIY alternatives to our current living behaviours that can address our changing climate and environment. Eikellegimaa intends to contribute to the trial and error process required to achieve such examples!

If you would like to see pictures and learn more about our past and future exploits please check our webpage here... if its not where you came from!!

Thanks for visiting!

Justin and Rea


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