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Hi! My real name isn't important, you can call me Duke. I'm the owner of Spiralcrafters. With a passion for visual effects, environmental design, lighting, rendering and video editing.

donation let you receive awesome rewards to show my happiness!

Right now, i am hosting a series of servers for both easy access to public free servers and access to my public source code. However the upkeep for servers and websites cost money, often more then i have to spare. ALL donations will be strictly reserved for server costs and upgrades only to keep them up and running smoothly.

Also dev takes a lot of time!

-Appreciation $1 or more per month ∙ Thank you! Every little bit helps, even though it doesn't seem like much it does help =)

"Helper!" rank & coloured name in our discord
A Donator exclusive coloured name in our servers (on request)
Gain access to patreon features that lets you see special news and updates
Gain access to patreon only posts & content
Gain access to general private discord channels

Includes Discord rewards For the People! $5 or more per month ∙ Well then there was light!

-Your keeping the lights on!

Get awesome in game flags and cosmetics when you ask for it!
Can move other users in discord
Your name on the map. Note: These take affect every week or two.
Gain access to exclusive Patreon rooms
Get the donator rank of Ghost Buster (Cooler name is needed :()
  • All previous perks!

-Knight $10 or more per month ∙ There once was a knight who turned in his sword for a fully automatic gun. Funny story about the king that involves zip ties, joyrides and mayhem

Customisable coloured name in our servers (on request).
Create custom channels.
Gain higher influence on what servers we host.
Get the Knight rank (if you can think of a cooler name)
Cosmetic items on request!
  • All previous rewards

-Superstar! $15 or more per month ∙ Thank you! Every little bit helps but yours helps ALOT!

  • UI Customization choices (server support limited)

  • Background Customization choices

    Unlock the Box in a Box colored name in servers. Gain access to General Admin Chat channels. Teamspeak ranks!

    • All previous rewards

Special Operator $25 or more per month ∙ Gain the Spec Ops rank in discord and Team speak

Super Special Coloured Name.
High Discord and Teamspeak Rank & Special Perms.
Gain access to Main Admin channels.
Higher Influence over servers and community and what we do.
Access to the private servers that you can invite your friends to! (limited slots)
  • All Previous Perks

  • More Perks Coming Soon!

-Become lord of what ever YOU want! $35 or more per month ∙

Wait What! Umm... so

You just fired the Insane howitzer that fires large shells of awesometaniumn at people! What were you expecting love? Who makes a cannon that fires love.

Also you may get tacticool things and awesome stuff from this, You may gain ultimate power and other things if your interested in that sort of thing...

But that is a seriously mad and scary amount of power you have there.


Fully Custom Discord Color and Teamspeak Ranks
Your very own Private server for you and your friends (limited amount)
Extreme power!!!!!!
Everything, No seriously everything!

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