Qiskrypt (Rúben André Barreiro)

The Qiskrypt is a software suite of protocols of quantum cryptography and other protocols. ⚛️ 🔐

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The Qiskrypt is a software suite of protocols of quantum cryptography, quantum communications, as well, other protocols and algorithms, built using the IBM’s open-source Software Development Kit for quantum computing Qiskit.

This framework started as a proposal for the IBM Hackathon Europe 2021, achieving its 2nd phase (finals, with the top 20 teams), as well, as an idea developed by a team of students, researchers and professors, mostly from Técnico Lisboa, Instituto de Telecomunicações, Faculty of Sciences of University of Lisbon, Security and Quantum Information Group (SQIG), UT Austin Portugal and School of Engineering from University of Connecticut.

The aim of our framework is to provide all the known quantum cryptographic protocols, in a single place, as an accessible solution, and being easy to use.

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