Yaya MNH48

Malay translator, Minetest modder, programmer

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I'm Yaya, a Malay translator for software, plug-ins, mods, bots, webpages and documents, as well as someone who keeps people up to date.

I'm the major Malay translator for Minetest, an open source infinite-world block sandbox game engine and game with survival and crafting, and I also maintains the Malay language Twitter account at @minetest_melayu and the corresponding Fediverse account on my Pleroma instance @minetest_melayu@social.mnh48.moe for updates related to Minetest in Malay language.

I also helped to spread latest news and latest update of various services from multiple sources to different Discord servers, including Comic Fiesta Community (various channels), r/Malaysia Discord (#bencana-alam), LoveLive! Malaysia (#lovelive-news), Global Transit & Infrastructure Central (#southeast-asia), and many others. This is so that people know what's going on in the country and the world.

I'm currently unemployed after finishing Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons.) in local university due to companies refused to accept transgender nonbinary like me for work, but I still hunt for jobs, and I do multiple different freelance editing to cover my expenses. I also do programming in my spare time.

By donating, you show that you appreciate what I'm doing. It encourages me to spend more time to do translations and keeps people updated, support the effort of global internationalization to help more people understand more materials, and the effort to keep people updated with the world. It will help cover my basic necessities such as my room rental, internet bills, and foods. I'll have nowhere to go if I don't pay my room rental, and I can't translate if I don't have internet access (because all the translation software I use were online, such as Weblate, Transifex, Crowdin, etc.). I'll also not be here if I don't eat.

Please note that you should only donate if you like what I've done so far or if you want to support the effort of global internationalization. Otherwise, you don't have to donate. :)

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