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Building community through better software and hardware

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All of the money I receive here is regifted to others, and then some. I'm a conduit: Gifts to me are in support primarily of the people I in turn support.

I am making the world better by coding, documenting, translating, and contributing where I can to various open-source projects. I release as much code as I can from the things I do every day, including some work I do at my employer(s). Other things I do:

  • Community.
    • Technology. I am Managing Director of Code & Supply, a community of thousands of software professionals.
  • Decentralized infrastructure. As a Board Member and past President of Meta Mesh Wireless Communities, I help build a non-profit Wireless ISP.

  • Conference/event organization. Specializing in sponsorships, organizational giving, and risk management, I have organized software conferences for most of my professional career, including Abstractions, Heartifacts, Uptime, devopsdays Pittsburgh and Steel City Ruby. I've also spoken at events such as SATURN, GitHub Universe, devopsdays Buffalo, FOSDEM, Ohio Linuxfest, and more.

  • Translation. I do a good bit of Esperanto translation for open source projects. This includes liberapay!

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A filler text generation gem with an intuitive interface

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A clear, generally concise proposal format to win hearts and minds

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An Introduction and Then Some to Plain Text Accounting with Ledger


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