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I moved to Lanjaron in Nov. 2015 since then, I have been studying the principles and practises of applying a permaculture-styled design system on-site here at SkyEarth.

In Sept. 2017, I was gifted an area of the terrain for a more in depth project & have been logging my progress to date.

I am wanting to renovate & rebuild an existing 'rustic' structure & to implement a land and water management system that will better enable food production throughout the site. The long term goal is to provide a harmonious, tranquil and natural environment, where people are able to be free, share, work and live together.

I am seeking support for ongoing operational costs during this programme of works. I forecast a project end date in early 2019.

I shall distribute regular logs, recordings, updates & documentation in an opensource format. In an attempt to further decentralise my life (&data), I will be republishing my existing work in a more federated manner.

Many thanks to for the ongoing team support.

"Take Only What You Need. Give ALL that You Can." @adinfinitum

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