Things to know about me!

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Hi! I'm IngrownMink4 and I'm a 22 years old boy who loves Free/Libre and Open Source Software. You can chat with me through Telegram.

First of all, please note that I am currently studying. Therefore, as I don't have so much free time, I'm not usually available on GitHub or any social network. So it may take me a while to answer messages or to contribute to a project. Thanks for your understanding and sorry for the inconvenience. As soon as I finish my pending studies, I will be able to dedicate more time to open source projects.

Things to know about me:

  • I'm a rookie translator 😁
    • I contribute to the Spanish and Basque localization on Lemmy
    • I contribute to the Spanish and Basque localization on Mozilla
  • My favourite software:
    • My favourite web-browser is Mozilla Firefox
    • My favourite operating system is GNU/Linux 🐧
    • My favourite programming language is Rust 🦀
    • My favourite social network is Twitter
    • My favourite Markdown editor is Apostrophe
    • My favourite videogame is Kingdom Hearts
    • My favourite IDE is VSCodium
    • My favourite Bittorrent client is qBittorrent
    • My favourite media player is MPV
  • I love cats! 🐱
    • I love cats because they're cute <3
  • I'm very absent-minded in general 😅
    • Sometimes I forget to do my homework and other important things (yes, i'm a mess...)
  • My favorite foods:
    • Hamburgers 🍔
    • Döner kebabs 🥙
    • Spagghetti 🍝
    • Chinese/Vietnamese Spring Rolls 🥢
    • and many more...
  • My favourite drinks
    • I love guayaba and mango juice 🥭
    • I like black beer 🍻
    • I like milk and milkshakes 🥛
  • I like to play sports:
    • I play basketball 🏀
    • I played football ⚽ in the past too
    • I used to be a good swimmer 🏊 too
  • I use Manjaro GNOME v44.1
    • I recommend using Win10Privacy if you are using Windows 10 or Windows 11

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